Composer, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, producer and performer, Pj Zitarosa is at the top of his field writing compelling music for television and film. Zitarosa is currently composing music for some top Discovery Channel and Animal Planet shows: Alaska The Last Frontier, Lone Star Law, North Woods Law, Louisiana Law, Vegas Rat Rods & Sin City Motors, to name a few…

Zitarosa began his music career in New Jersey playing guitar with many different original and cover / tribute bands. Playing a wide variety of genres really showcased Zitarosa's guitar work and inspired him to start writing his own music. This also allowed him to branch out and begin his solo career and first solo record from his band Two Hundred Feet.

Now residing in Los Angeles, California, Zitarosa still performs live as "Slash" in a Guns N' Roses tribute band called Appetite 4 Destruction and he also has a duet with is wife Carla Buffa called The Alphabet Astronauts. He and his wife put a sweet spin on covers from the 60's to today, and add some of their original music too.

Along with his busy schedule of composing and producing, Zitarosa is always looking for new talent to help produce or collaborate with, so feel free to reach out!

"Classic melodic-metalheads will appreciate PJ Zitarosa and his mates, who bring virtuosity to every measure…(the cd) Speed of Evil exemplifies the band, with not only Zitarosa’s guitar histrionics, but a level of drum dazzlement that’s a real gas to behold…(the song) I Surrender epitomizes old-school metal where soaring axe harmonics and wailing, high-range lead vocals rule.” - Music Connection